Retrofit Process

The Retrofit Process


Every building is unique and every operation has different lighting needs. Therefore, it’s important for us to visit your facility to see exactly what you’re working with and pinpoint areas for improvement. We’ll walk through your facility to examine your current fixtures and controls and identify areas that are under performing or wasting energy.

Lighting Audit

A facility-wide lighting system audit will be performed. Information such as fixture types, quantity, location, and hours of operation will be recorded. Financial documents, such as a recent electricity bill, will be analyzed to determine KWH rate and savings.

Project Analysis and Design

All possibilities are evaluated and the most cost effective and energy efficient solution will then be drafted into a proposal for your approval.

Project Proposal

Our comprehensive proposals have recommendations for improvements, list all costs, and explain the project’s payback time and future ROI. The proposal consists of a financial summary that breaks down the value and the cost of the project, an impact statement that outlines the positive environmental impact you will have by committing to a lighting retrofit, a Project Summary, a Material List, and the Purchase and Installation Agreement which must be signed before the project can be started. Once we receive a commitment from you, the client, we begin the Rebate Program Paperwork.


Once your project paperwork has been collected, we submit the material and labor requirements to the utility for approval. As soon as all the materials and equipment are available, we will work with you to schedule the actual installation.

Project Completion

After installation we clean up everything and leave the facility just as we found it, only better lit. We will also recycle or properly dispose of your old fixtures, as many lights and parts contain hazardous materials.

Project Follow-Up

We are committed to our customers and want to guarantee all workmanship and products are to your satisfaction.